Our first skyblock season launched flawlessly and has continued running without a hitch ever since! We have put in the first weeks updates and changes, but also worked endlessly on our new gamemode! Survival is here and with it comes a vanilla oriented community server!

Player Based Economy

The item economy is player ran with no admin shops to buy or sell to/from! All shops are made by players and can be bought for $5,000 with the command '/displayshop buy'.


Everyone has access to join a job! This will be your long term main source of income on the server that scales with your level as you progress! You are not forced to  do the job you pick and can always switch jobs at any time!  


Quests are very similar to jobs and you can even get rewarded from your job while doing some quests! These are one time completable tasks/challenges that can help compliment the money earned from your job!


This is a classic MMO styled progression/levelling system for each 'skill' in minecraft. There are 15 skills for you to level up that unlock special perks at set milestones! It adds a lot of further scaling to the vanilla game that helps add some variety and spice to the vanilla server experience!

Land claiming/Grief Prevention

We have a simple land claim system that can be used by right click both corners of your area with a golden shovel in hand. You can add friends to the build/destroy permission list with '/trust <player>'.

Player Warps

Players also set all the servers warps which are categorized into different types. The warps track visits and are rateable with a tracked star rating. Warps are filterable by visits, rating, creation date, and more. You can set a warp for $10,000.

Voting Ranks/Perks

We provide a plethora of voting rewards! Most everything attainable through donator ranks is also achievable through cumulative voting. Voting on all vote sites on the same day will also grant you a point that can be spent in the /voteshop on unique perks, cosmetics, and more!

Head Database

Any players head can be spawned for $15 in game money which is useful for decorating! We also have a database complete with over 36,000 heads that are categorized and perfect for use as decorations around your builds! You can access and purchase any head with '/headdb'.

Ultimate Cosmetics

We have the ultimate cosmetics system to add to the fun of survival! It is complete with morphs that provide unique abilities, arrow trails, emotes, balloons, and miniatures that follow you around!

Dragon Fight

There is a daily dragon fight on the server which is one of the only ways to obtain the dragon egg! It will naturally respawn once per day!

Unique Crates

All crate rewards are completely unique and cycled out to new rewards every month! Some keys such as the cosmetic key guarantee unique drops every time you open one. Either way everything you get is exclusive since it is only in the crates for a limited time every month! That way after the crate has new items nobody else has access to obtain tour unique cosmetics creating rarity!


We also got you degens covered with the classic lottery ticket system! Buy tickets to be entered into the lottery that is drawn every hour!