Netherite is a brand new server that launched March 25th. We are starting our first map with just Skyblock and have intentions to further expand into more game modes as we progress. We aim to get everything perfect the first time around and create a bug free, lag free, and  fun environment. Everything we release will be feature packed, but still have a balanced economy that doesn’t crumble with time. We made sure that you can have the full fledged experience on our servers with meaningful progression and a vibrant mid game and late game for you to enjoy. We are new, but plan to stay for a long time!

I hope you enjoy playing here and joining us on this amazing journey! ❤️

Server Information



VERSION: 1.16.5



Alternative Gem Economy

There is a secondary currency on the server known as “Gems”. They are used for most upgrades that are explained further on in this thread. These are the main way to further grow the later you get into the game. They are completely earnable through playing the game. They can be earned from voting, crates, enchantments, slayer, exchanging xp, and more! We’ve also completely integrated them throughout all of our plugins and most places you can use money you can use gems. For example: coinflips, bounties, withdrawing, and trading are all supported! View your balance in game with /gems!

Upgradeable OP Enchantments

Having your progression gated at the vanilla enchantments is no fun! You can spend the gems you earn on upgrading your tools far past those restrictions. This allows you to always have something you can keep progressing toward upgrading at whatever stage of the game you are in. It isn’t all wild though and every enchantment does have a level cap somewhere! View all the enchantments in game by holding what you want to upgrade and typing /gemu!

Mobcoin Slayer System

Most servers have a mobcoin system where you earn coins from grinding mobs in a grinder. There is no fun or challenge in that! We made a completely custom slayer system where you must get a task from a slayer master. He will assign you a monster and a random amount you have to kill. These monsters will only spawn within the “Slayer Zone” of the PvP Arena. These mobs use a custom AI and can be quite the challenge with the added element of having a player interrupt your grinding at any moment for a battle!

Complete Fishing Overhaul

Another thing we don’t find fun in vanilla is the fishing system. We completely reworked it and removed the bobber fishing mechanics altogether! Instead when casting your rod in water you will be met with a scrolling bar with a ‘bullseye’ in the center. If you want to make a successful catch you have to land on the center of the bullseye. Your rod is as upgradeable as your pickaxe as well which can be bought with gems and money. You can upgrade the type of rod you have with money to catch better fish with /rodupgrades. There are also enchants to slow down the moving ‘block’, add another block to the bullseye, catch gems/keys, and many more that can also be accessed with /rodupgrades! There is also an hourly community fishing party at /warp pond! During the event you will receive 2x loot and 1.5x increased effectiveness of all rod enchantments!

Automated Farming System

This is another custom feature that all players will immediately have access to on join. When you join you will receive an ‘Automated Island Farmer’. This will start as a wheat 3x3 that will grow and farm the blocks for you at set intervals. These are completely upgradeable with in game money, but some late tier upgrades are done via gems. You can upgrade the farming land size, storage space, unlock autosell, speed, autosell multipliers, and upgrade the crop tier!

Spawner Skulls System

We found the main problem most Skyblock economies face is the nature of spawners. Due to the nature of spawning money at a set interval this will snowball and cascade at an insane scale. The best way we could come up with to help slow down that effect is gating the placing of additional spawners. By default you can place 1 of any type of spawner on your island. If you wish to upgrade you need to MANUALLY farm a set amount of that mob and collect the skulls that can be used to purchase the upgrade/ability to place more of that type of spawner. The skulls are virtual and any mob farmed on the island will go toward the island owner’s skull balance. This also adds an additional benefit for those who wish to operate a public mob grinder. You can access the GUI to view balances, prices, and upgrades with /skulls.

Upgradeable Skills

The ultimate late game content you can access is upgradeable PvP skills! These are skills that can be purchased with points to completely upgrade your stats such as: damage reduction, increased damage, dodge chance, extra hearts, and more! Each upgrade will cost 1 skill point, but each skill point will cost $100,000,000 and every point you buy will increase the skill point price by $15,000,000.

Chest Helper System

Another part where vanilla is lacking is in the chest handling/management system. We have built a system to allow you to quickly use your containers with style, ease, and best of all: no mods! Anyone can use this system on all chests with specific clicks in the ‘gray area’ outside of the container GUI. There are currently 5 functions to help assist you!

  • Close: Left click next to GUI
  • Take all: Right click next to GUI
  • Store all: 2x Right click next to GUI
  • Sort: Middle click next to GUI
  • Compress: 2x Middle click next to GUI


We are degenerates at heart so we made sure to have the ultimate gambling system! Our coinflip was custom made and we have integrated our gem system to be flippable in coin duels! We also have added a complete leaderboard system with filters to see the biggest winners and losers!

Bounty System

We have a bounty system in place that also allows you to set a reward on another player’s head! This is useful to reward someone for taking out that pesky nemesis of yours! We also fully integrated the gem system in as well so you aren’t just restricted to setting cash bounties!


These useful little helpers are earned as rewards through various tasks and can be purchased on the store! There are 5 minions in total that can be used to automate anything you find to be a nuisance. Such as mining, collecting loot, selling loot, or grinding mobs!


Wands can be acquired through a number of means by playing as well as through the store. These useful tools can help you manage any chest in an instant. There are a few wands to assist you with condensing, smelting, and selling. There is also an omni wand that merges all of these tools into one!

Chunk Hoppers

Chunk hoppers are a useful tool that helps combat the servers lag as well as makes life easier when playing. These work as the name would suggest, pulling in every item that is within the chunk to the the hopper. They have a larger inventory and faster transfer rate, but our chunk hoppers are different because they are upgradeable via gems!