We are a little over 3 weeks into our first skyblock season! A lot has happened and with the players the server has also kept progressing! A lot has been done, here are some of the new key features as well as bug fixes to help improve gameplay!

Harvester Hoes

These hoes make farming a breeze! All players receive a harvester hoe by default that receive 20x drops. You cannot destroy your crops with this hoe and Master+ gets access to autosell!

"F" Quick Acess Menu

This new quick access menu can be opened by pressing your keybind to switch your item in hand to your off-hand slot. By default this is bound to the "F" key and can be opened by pressing "F" on your keyboard. This GUI provides quick access to any shop, warp, statistic, or help you may need to access!

Island Envoys

Island envoys are an hourly event that airdrop on every island on the server! These are a great help for new players and contain random loot with up to $100,000 in game money in rewards!

Hologram Player Shops

We switched out our plain sign shops for new fancy display shops complete with holograms that can be bought by players for $500,000 per shop! If you wish to purchase a shop you can use /displayshops buy, or they can be found in miscellaneous section of the /shop.

Player Warps

New player created warps are a new survival feature we made that have found their way onto skyblock! Players can create warps complete with a categorized system, filtering, rating, sorting, and more! There are also weekly sponsored slots to advertise your warp!

Armor Stand Editors

These editors can help you beautify your island, found in the shop, under the miscellaneous category. By using the special flint you can have complete control over every armorstand independently modifying gravity, positioning, gear, visibility, and more!


  • Buffed vote rewards
  • Buffed chat reaction rewards
  • Added markers for envoys @ /warp pvp
  • Made versions 1.13->1.16 playable
  • Added /warp enchant
  • Fixed gem finder pickaxe proc rate
  • Added discord roles/discord nitro boost rewards
  • Island level blocks are now stackable
  • All ranks are now colorful gradients